About Cryptopia delisting all Waves assets

Our statement addressing the situation.

3 min readSep 1, 2017

What happened?

It has become known today, on Friday, September 1 2017 UTC, that apparently management of Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to delist all Waves tokens from the exchange. Since PING token is based on Waves, that includes PING too. If you open any Waves asset market on Cryptopia, like PING, you will see this message:

WAVES team failed to notify us of two recent WAVES updates (0.7.6 and 0.7.7). Both of these updates resulted in a fork of the network. We have approached WAVES on multiple occasions to ask them to notify us of updates and they have neglected to do so. As a result WAVES and its assets are being delisted. Once the 0.7.7 update has been applied investors will have a 30 day period to cancel market orders and withdraw.

Screenshot of PING/BTC market on Cryptopia by Friday, September 1 2017 19:50 UTC

On their news page, Cryptopia currently have this to say:

WAVES and all WAVES Assets are pending delisting due to another non-mandatory release which caused a fork (the 2nd time in 2 weeks). We will update this news post shortly with further information and details.

While this doesn’t look too encouraging, there’s not much left to do. The news come as surprise to us, we didn’t receive any early warning about Cryptopia’s decision and now have to take it as it comes.

What about withdrawing tokens? Are they safe?

We recommend you checking your PING balance on Cryptopia, if you had any tokens there, and contact their support in case of any issues. If you consider withdrawing your tokens from the exchange immediately, please wait for more information from them and do not withdraw your tokens before Cryptopia confirm that they have the latest Waves software up and running. Meanwhile you can find some of available Waves wallets in our guide.

Update: Cryptopia have unlocked withdrawals for Waves assets, but nothing changed about their delisting intention yet.

Update 2: Withdrawals seem to be blocked again.

What we are doing about all this

We stay in touch with Waves developers to resolve any possible token-related issues and we’re more actively looking for new exchanges for PING. We hope to have more news about that soon.

Update: Tidex has listed our token.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing of this post we don’t have any more details to share aside from what Cryptopia and Waves teams have to say about it. It is our understanding that there was at least some miscommunication that have led to this, and the only thing we could wish for is for issues like this to be resolved smoothly without harming customers and users. We regret that it couldn’t be done in this case, but hope that it can be done in the future, and wish well for all parties involved.

We are waiting for Cryptopia to provide more information about this decision.

Update 1 / Sep 1, 2017 19:50 UTC: Cryptopia’s news page (https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/News) doesn’t have the news item about delisting Waves assets anymore, but markets are still closed.

Update 2: PING is now listed on Tidex exchange.

Update 3: Cryptopia have unlocked Waves assets withdrawals.

Update 4: On Thursday, September 7 2017 withdrawals were blocked again.