Combined TA indicators in signals and changes to social trading

We’re rolling out new interesting bits of info included into signals and removing pre-approval from social trading profiles, among other things.

Social trading, revisited

1. Every social trader is now automatically approved and can start sending their own signals right away.

2. Social traders can send custom signals on any tickers available on our supported exchanges.

3. How subscription to trader profile works

4. How traders’ stats are measured and what to do about it

Introducing Combined TA indicators

Important things about indicators

A separate note about relativity

🍀 Early indicator and its purpose

Split volume chart available to CryptoPing subscribers when browsing asset charts on our website. As far as we know, there are no other public trading chart tools that deliberately show split volumes for crypto assets.

💪 Trend indicator and its metrics

Combined TA indicator release notes

We’re eager to hear the feedback on these changes from you, together with any other suggestions and requests about new exchanges. Drop us a line at

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