CryptoPing: major update and token swap

  1. To improve the quality of our analytics in the new market, we are shifting our focus from automated to manual signals. Together with algorithm-based indicators, new projects will be analyzed even more thoroughly by our team of traders. This will include a detailed look at the project’s team, media presence, and token fundamentals.
  2. The utility of our native token, $PING, will be expanded. The token will be used to get access to the signals, as well as offer many other features that will be announced in the nearest future.
  3. To enable this utility, the $PING token will be migrated from Waves to ERC-20 blockchain. The swap of old token will be processed automatically by our old trusted partner, the exchange
  4. We will continue to push forward into the international arena, publishing all signals and posts in English language further on.

Important information about the $PING token swap

  • Users can swap their old $PING tokens at the 1:1 ratio only via the exchange. Please transfer your tokens to from personal wallets or other exchanges.
  • Withdrawals of $PING from Tidex will be suspended starting from 2020/09/16 3:00 PM (UTC).
  • Tokens will be swapped automatically — users just need to hold $PING tokens on Tidex at the moment of the swap. The exact date will be announced soon.
  • Trading of $PING will not be affected during the upgrade period.



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