CryptoPing upcoming updates

2 min readMay 17, 2021


Within a single year, the value of locked assets inside the decentralized finance ecosystem has grown from just $1 billion, all the way to over $80 billion. As part of this never-ending change and expansion, it is essential to stay on top of the market trends.

As you may already know, the CryptoPing team focuses its attention on both early-stage and commercial-phase crypto projects. However, recent trends have showcased that coins closer to their genesis point tend to outperform long-time market makers, bringing in considerable profit to early investors.

We’ve recently held our first two private pools with another one in the process, and token sale amongst the members of our private CryptoPing Inner Circle Pro community, with access being limited to pro subscription owners only. We therefore aim to continue rewarding our loyal users with significant opportunities moving forward.

With these aspects in mind, we have news to share:

The terms of the pro subscription are changing

We are closing the lifetime access to the Inner Circle (Pro plan), obtained by those who hold $PING in their wallets. To remain involved, new users will need to make a temporary subscription of one month or more, the same process applicable to our Basic plan.

This system update will take place on 24th of May 0:00 UTC+3. Existing owners of the lifetime access get to retain their benefits as long as they hold the minimum 10,000 $PING inside their wallets. However, the subscription may not be reactivated in case the number drops below the required threshold.

If you want to obtain a lifetime subscription you still have 7 days remaining to buy and hold 10,000 $PING!

USDT support is being added

Basic and Pro users who would rather not hold $PING are welcome to pay the monthly subscription in USDT. Doing so is easy — simply select the desired asset in the payment page.

Burning schedule is changing

$PING was designed to have a deflationary supply from the get-go, meaning that token burns regularly occur to reduce the existing supply, thereby limiting the total number of users who may access CryptoPing. Effective immediately, $PING will be burned once a quarter, rather than once per month.

All $PING obtained via subscriptions payments will be burned. Similarly, the payments received in USDT will be used to purchase and burn $PING off the market. This applies to both the Basic and Pro plans.

This mechanic will facilitate the burning of more tokens during the long-term, favourably affecting the $PING price.

Q1 2021 burning: