Signals for new exchange — HitBTC and signal search tools in dashboards

Today we begin generating signals for crypto assets listed on HitBTC exchange, and release basic tools to search for signals in users’ dashboards.

3 min readAug 13, 2017

Addition of HitBTC exchange to CryptoPing

Following requests from our users, we have added another exchange to our signal generation systems today. This time it’s HitBTC. Why this exchange: we’ve been looking up new exchanges to add for some time already, and HitBTC caught our eye because of the bigger demand for it from our users than for other exchanges, and because of the volumes similar to YoBit pre-Bitcoin Cash. Major contributing factor was their streaming API being easily available to public, and that’s really important if you as a developer want to get a data feed with all trade operations from an exchange in real time without jumping through any hoops on the way.

With Bitcoin Cash appearing on exchanges, HitBTC managed to get to position #15 in 24 hour volume ranking at the time of writing this post, according to CoinMarketCap. We wish them all the best in their operations and hope our users will make some profits from new signals on that exchange.

Signal search tools in dashboards

Another popular feature request by our users that we’re happy to deliver today is the ability to search for signals in the dashboards on CryptoPing website.

Signal search form now available to CryptoPing users. Free tier users don’t have signal type filter.

We have added three basic filters:

  • filtering by ticker allows you to search for all signals by a ticker matching your search string. Search is performed using wildcard matching for the end of the string, so, for example, if you search for “PI”, you’ll find signals for both PIVX and PING;
  • filtering by exchange allows you to select one exchange and list all past signals from it that were generated for your account;
  • filtering by type allows to narrow your search by up or down signals. This filter is only available to subscribers, because free tier users currently don’t receive down signals (read more about down signals in our previous post).

You can use all these filters together to narrow down your search. We hope they will help you with analysing historical performance of crypto assets and making more informed trading decisions.

If you have any suggestions for more filters in dashboards, please let us know, we’ll gladly implement them if we decide that they will improve the service. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

We readily accept any feedback, be it criticism or feature requests, and we encourage you to share it with us.

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