New Platform Launch

4 min readFeb 1, 2021


Dear community!

First, we would like to thank all of you for your patience and trust that you have put in our team. Together with the community and the beta testers, we all have done an outstanding job in setting up our new platform. With that said, we proudly present the new version of CryptoPing!


The year 2020 has been a remarkable turning point for decentralized finance (DeFi). There has been a major shift from centralized to decentralized exchanges, including massive gains in trading volumes on platforms like Uniswap. More and more projects chose to launch through private pools allocations, as opposed to ICO/IEO that have been popular earlier. The industry has changed and investors must adapt in order to keep their profits — and so did the CryptoPing project, showing great results in the new market.

Why would someone use the CryptoPing services? Our team consists of professional traders that have a publicly available track record of successful investments over the last years. Moreover, the industry has become much more complex and volatile with “smart money” massively coming in. CryptoPing is active on the market full-time, while many retail investors are trying to combine trading with their main job, often losing their focus. In short, it has become harder for people with limited time and experience to keep their profits. That is where CryptoPing offers a great help, providing high-quality market analyses in a short and clear form.

What has changed?

  • New custom signals from the Ping Analytics team will be published additionally to the already existing automated ones.
  • The communication and media channels have been reorganized to make them more effective:, This will include the Inner Circle Chat.
  • Our native token, $PING, has been migrated from Waves to Ethereum blockchain.

Contract address: 0x21cd6af01383651ed10554394c0497f9db5e5dbc

Subscription plans

As many of you know, the main focus of our project lies in offering signals that are based on automatic and custom evaluation of the market and crypto projects. Our users will retain free access to these signals, however, we are also adding two paid subscription plans with more features — please see the image below.

More details about the subscription plans

Free — access to the signal channel, however, the trading signals can be read with a substantial delay with no Take Profit target. Users retain access to the main chat.

Activation: Press “Select” and you will be redirected to the free channel. In the header of the channel you will find the link to the official chat.

Basic — direct access to the trading signal bot without any delay. The trading signals are received instantly after they are published. Access to Take Profit targets with exact levels for exiting the position. Access to closed signals statistics.

Activation: Connect your Ethereum wallet by pressing “Select” and granting access*. Press “Buy Ping on Uniswap”, if you do not have enough $PING tokens yet. Purchase the amount needed and go back to the website. Now you should see the $PING balance on your wallet. Insert your TG username**, pick the subscription plan, approve access to the tokens in Metamask, and perform a transaction***. The connection to Telegram bot should now become available. Click the link and press “Start”.

Pro — a premium subscription plan for users that especially value their time and would like an individual service. Access to the Inner Circle club, where you can talk to the CryptoPing team and receive their advice and opinion on your portfolio. And even more — you get access to private allocations of exclusive token sales!

Activation: Connect your wallet, enter your Telegram username** and simply select the Pro subscription, if your $PING balance is enough already (>= 10,000). You should be able to connect the Telegram bot. Next, click on the link and press “Start.” In the bot’s welcome message you will receive a link to the Inner Circle chat.

To efficiently adjust our $PING token to new subscription plans, we have developed the following tokenomics:

  • The maximum supply will be set to 7,257,786.289 PING
  • All tokens that are received from the Basic plan will be burned once a month (see the image below)
  • The Pro plan simply requires holding the needed amount of $PING tokens on the user’s wallet. No regular payments are needed.

* To activate the Basic subscription plan, you would need ETH to pay the transaction fees.

** Make sure that you enter your Telegram username correctly. Submitting a wrong name leads to an activation of the subscription without an owner!

*** The activation of the subscription can take some time — usually, up to five minutes. Moreover, the activation time depends on the set Gas price — values too low might lead to a transaction being stuck for a long time.