New type of signals, new filters, site redesign, roadmap update and more

Subscribers get early access to the alpha version of “down” signals and more filtering options. All users can now have prices in signals shown in USD. And we have redesigned our website. And set preliminary timeframes on the roadmap.

5 min readAug 6, 2017

Happy August, everyone! We have some news, features and thoughts to share with you. Let’s start with the features!

New type of signals: “down” signals

In this round of updates we are introducing a new type of signals: down signals. In short, they are the opposite of the signals that CryptoPing has been sending to you all this time (and they are now called up signals).

Briefly explained difference between up and down signals.

Algorithms that generate down signals are still being calibrated, so we are enabling them as an early access feature for our subscribers.

Down signals are disabled by default. If you would like to turn them on for your profile, navigate to your Preferences and check the appropriate checkbox.

We will be closely monitoring down signals generation and we welcome any feedback on them.

New filters: signal count and volume change threshold

We have added new options to filter signals available to subscribers: filtering by signal count and volume change. These features were suggested by several of our users, and we think they are nice quality-of-life improvements.

Parameters of signals that are affected by the new filters.
An example of settings for the volume threshold and signal count filters.

You can find new filters in your Preferences and the settings are pretty straightforward. If you leave one field of volume threshold settings empty, it won’t be used.

New signal display setting: prices in USD

This is also a feature requested by our users quite often, and we are deploying it for everybody. If you were missing this functionality, you can now check your Preferences and turn it on.

Website redesign

After the ICO we’ve got a big stack of thoughts and tasks to process. We need to make our products appealing, and while we are positive that our roadmap has a lot of potential in terms of functionality, we also must not forget about how the package is wrapped. That’s why we decided to spend some time on the new CryptoPing website. The old site was doing great job when the bot functionality was limited and the project had no exposure, but with the ICO, new features and information to display it’s time to shift the accents and make a new storefront for the project.

A teaser on our new website attempting to explain how CryptoPing works.

With the redesign we have also tried to establish an approach, a style that we would use to add new graphic elements, settings and other parts of the site. Only the future will tell if that’s the right one though.

Dashboards have received some attention too and we tried to clarify things that our users were often confused about. Signal tables now also display signal count (that weird 5/7d) for everyone, and signal type (up or down) for subscribers. Some pages in the dashboards are still barely touched, but we are not stopping with UI/UX improvements here and will keep tweaking our interfaces, one thing at a time.

That’s about it: the new website design is live and you can check it out at

Roadmap timeframes

While doing all that we spent considerable amount of time on planning how we should approach the roadmap and how can we line up our releases. We have outlined the initial and intentionally broad timeframes for our roadmap milestones, and we release them with the new website design. For example, alpha version of social trading is set to launch right this autumn.

Our thoughts about Bitcoin Cash

First and foremost, we think that crypto community is witnessing historical events and while the phrase “May you live in interesting times” is often used ironically, we think that interesting times bring a lot of opportunities.

First up signal for Bitcoin Cash on Bittrex on Tuesday, August 1 2017.

As for the fork itself, so far we are treating Bitcoin Cash (BCH, or BCC on some exchanges) as an altcoin and will generate signals for it. We will continue to do so until original Bitcoin is not deemed as a leading cryptocurrency anymore.

We were asked on Slack the other day about what we might do with the Bitcoin Cash that we now should have after our ICO as a result of raising funds partly in Bitcoin. Our approach here is conservative: we hold and see what happens.

On the price of PING

We are fully aware that current price of PING is something that worries a lot of people. We take the stance of letting the market decide the price for now. Our reasoning is twofold. First, pouring some of ICO money into supporting PING seems like a logical thing to do on the surface, but doing so now would be not reasonable, in our opinion, because we would be playing against the pessimistic market. Second, the project is still here (and not going anywhere), and if the market participants decide in the moment that our token is worth less than ICO price, then it’s our job to make them reconsider through continuing development of our products.

And that’s what we’re going to do. Stay tuned!

We readily accept any feedback, be it criticism or feature requests, and we encourage you to share it with us.

You can contact us at Follow us on Twitter for news announcements and drop by our Slack to chat around.