One Year After: State of the Project and What’s Next

Marking the anniversary and moving forward.

5 min readApr 1, 2018

Greetings! Despite the time that has passed since our last blog post, and the fact that today is the day when you can’t really trust many headlines and blog posts, this one is real and here we are with the summary of what was going on lately and what’s coming up.

CryptoPing is one year old!

First public version of the bot was launched during March of 2017, so we think today is a good date to mark its anniversary. The year left behind was nothing less than crazy in the crypto world, with unseen gains followed by regulations and recent Bitcoin price depression, hundreds of token sales and dozens of startups and services emerging all around, and we’re delighted to be a part of all of that.

Here’s a small summary of signals generated by CryptoPing for the last year and a bit of other statistics. We were happy to deliver all those signals to you along with other features and are looking forward to do better this year.

Introducing our business entity and ToS

Initially CryptoPing was advertised by an anonymous team reluctant to disclose any identities or details about them. The anonymity issue has created a lot of roadblocks for the project.

We’re happy to announce that the efforts to change that have borne fruit and CryptoPing as a project and platform is now developed and operated by Ping Analytics LTD, a Gibraltar limited liability company. We are positive that it will help us with different tasks requiring having a proper legal entity, like deploying an application to a Google Play or Apple App Store, and with business development overall, allowing to communicate with partners, market participants and regulators with more clarity and responsibility.

As a side effect of being operated by a real company, CryptoPing now requires both new and old users to accept Terms of Service if they wish to keep using the platform. Please read our policies and make your decisions about accessing our services accordingly. You can find the latest versions of Terms of Service here together with Privacy Policy and Risk Notice.

What’s up with the development?

Our own mobile app

The next big thing we’ve been working on for a while is creating a foundation for launching our own mobile app. The mobile app will have two versions and will be released for Android first (and developed and released for iOS after). The first version of CryptoPing mobile app will mostly replicate Telegram bot functionality with some features added on top of that.

Actual screenshots of the upcoming CryptoPing Android application: signal feed, settings, watchlist item

You will be able to get notifications for new signals and price alerts, access all settings, and keep watchlists for tickers of your choice. Watchlists will include price/volume charts together with the signal history. Second version of the app will allow interaction with exchanges, but it won’t be released until we ensure that the first version of the app is stable enough.

New indicator for signals

Coming up next, we’ve been developing and testing two combined indicators based on technical analysis instruments, that will be included into signal messages. At the moment we call them simply “early” and “trend” indicators, representing, for up signals in particular, the early warning potential of an asset, is it actually trending upwards and if yes, how much. When we release these indicators to all of our users, we will publish a separate blog post with the exact details and formulas for how these indicators are calculated, so you will know precisely how they work.

What about social media monitoring?

An item on our roadmap that we promised to deliver by now is monitoring of the news and social feeds. We have decided to stop working on the feature and most likely will not release it this year. It took us quite some time to play with limits of various APIs and feeds, and given the influx of reflink bots and that currently media often give mixed signals at best while markets get depressed, we were not happy with our results. We realized that for now our time will be best spent on quality-of-life changes and improvements to our services and more small but useful tweaks.

Current priorities

The above statement summarizes our current priorities well enough. In the nearest future we’re focusing on the upcoming mobile app releases and delivering some long-promised features, improvements and interface changes, like new and better working charts for subscribers.

Social trading and what we’re going to do with it

Initially, we were designing social trading as means for anyone to share their insights about worthy assets. But we didn’t execute it right. We made the process of becoming a social trader or subscribing to existing ones and getting signals from them unclear, unappealing and restrictive.

Realizing that, we’re planning to relaunch this part of our services, while removing unnecessary restrictions and blocks for publishing your own signals, making interfaces more friendly, adding more guides/tips and simplifying things on the way.

Requesting your feedback

Now’s the time when we want to address our audience and call for feedback! We have two rather important questions to ask:

  1. What information would you like to be included into signal messages, aside from what’s already present in them? What signal information would you want to be made more clear?
  2. With all the new exchanges emerging lately, what exchanges would you like us to generate signals for?

Please tell us what you think! We’re also open to any suggestions and feature requests.

Special Subscription Offer is extended for three more months until end of June!

Last but not least: our special subscription offer is up for grabs again for another three months until June 30, 2018. If you have 100 PING or more on CryptoPing your account, you can subscribe for a month for free! (And if you claimed the offer during January-March, now you can do it again!)

Thank you for your interest in our services and staying with us.