Price Alerts Improvements

We have reworked price alerts algorithms and added alerts log and settings to users’ dashboards on the website.

3 min readApr 26, 2018

Greetings everyone! In today’s update we address one of our oldest features that has remained almost intact for the last year: price alerts. Initially designed as a tool to keep your eye on price levels of assets that are important to you, the alerts in their old form eventually have become not-so-comfortably usable because of the spam they produced in your signal feed, once you’ve added enough tickers and thresholds. Here are the changes that we did to improve things, available immediately to everybody for free without any limitations.

1. New alert generation algorithm

First, we have changed the set of rules by which alert detection systems behaved. Here’s how alerts worked before the changes:

Keep in mind that alerts are triggered and snoozed independently of each other, so, for instance, if you set up several alerts for an asset crossing above several thresholds around the same price, they will fire individually (and get snoozed individually too) when the price moves above all of them. About the snooze time, we want to hear some feedback from you before making any adjustments to it. We’re also considering allowing users to manually set snooze time for each of their alerts, so please let us know if that’s something you’d like to have implemented.

2. Price alerts won’t be sent for exchanges that you turned off in your preferences.

Oh yeah. One of the most frequently requested features in regard to price alerts is now live on CryptoPing. We would like to thank all users that have reached out to us and asked for it, and we’re happy to deliver.

Price alerts log as seen in your dashboard, starting from today. You can easily track prices on the exchanges that triggered the alert.

3. Alerts are sent only on tickers that have actual recent activity.

Say goodbye to old asset prices that remained visible even after something got delisted from somewhere months ago. 🎉🎉🎉

4. Alert log and settings are now available in your dashboards.

Starting from today, all users can access a separate section in their dashboards for price alerts, with the alert log and alert settings management tools.

In the alert log, you won’t be able to get history of your alerts from before today, and alert logging started today in the morning UTC time for all accounts.

In the settings section, your settings are arranged by ticker and alert type, and ordered by price threshold increase. Oh, and you can still set up and remove alert thresholds from the bot chat too!

Price alert settings as seen in your dashboard.

5. We’re considering adding alerts to our API services.

We’re discussing how we should approach this, and we will make a separate announcement and posts with all the technical details and related guides once we settle on the solution and release it.

We’re eager to hear the feedback on these changes from you, together with any other suggestions and requests about new exchanges. Drop us a line at

Last but not least: our special subscription offer is up for grabs again for another three months until June 30, 2018. If you have 100 PING or more on CryptoPing your account, you can subscribe for a month for free and access these new features! (And if you claimed the offer during January-March, now you can do it again!)