Dear community!

First, we would like to thank all of you for your patience and trust that you have put in our team. Together with the community and the beta testers, we all have done an outstanding job in setting up our new platform. With that said, we proudly present the new version of CryptoPing!


The year 2020 has been a remarkable turning point for decentralized finance (DeFi). There has been a major shift from centralized to decentralized exchanges, including massive gains in trading volumes on platforms like Uniswap. More and more projects chose to launch through private pools…

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce a new era for the CryptoPing community. We are launching our platform in an extended and vastly improved format. To ensure this transformation, we are migrating our native token, $PING, from Waves to the ERC-20 blockchain — please read the important information about the swap at the end of this article.

CryptoPing was founded in January 2017 by Ping Analytics — a team of enthusiasts that have been present on the crypto scene since 2013. By now, we have built an international community of 30k active users, providing hundreds of automated signals.


We have reworked price alerts algorithms and added alerts log and settings to users’ dashboards on the website.

Greetings everyone! In today’s update we address one of our oldest features that has remained almost intact for the last year: price alerts. Initially designed as a tool to keep your eye on price levels of assets that are important to you, the alerts in their old form eventually have become not-so-comfortably usable because of the spam they produced in your signal feed, once you’ve added enough tickers and thresholds. Here are the changes that we did to improve things, available immediately to everybody for free without any limitations.

1. New alert generation algorithm

First, we have changed the set of rules by which alert…

We’re rolling out new interesting bits of info included into signals and removing pre-approval from social trading profiles, among other things.

Social trading, revisited

1. Every social trader is now automatically approved and can start sending their own signals right away.

In our recent anniversary blog post, we’ve mentioned that we realized that we haven’t made social trading work. Today we’re following up on that with an important change: we are removing pre-approval requirements for social trading profiles and now everyone can indeed create a profile and become a public trader themselves. Trader profiles and signal messages will be post-moderated by our team.

2. Social traders can send custom signals on any tickers available on our supported exchanges.

Another change that we’re deploying with today’s update is the ability for social traders to send custom signals. Initially we thought it would be a good idea to allow them only to “retweet” existing bot signals with their…

Marking the anniversary and moving forward.

Greetings! Despite the time that has passed since our last blog post, and the fact that today is the day when you can’t really trust many headlines and blog posts, this one is real and here we are with the summary of what was going on lately and what’s coming up.

CryptoPing is one year old!

First public version of the bot was launched during March of 2017, so we think today is a good date to mark its anniversary. The year left behind was nothing less than crazy in the crypto world, with unseen gains followed by regulations and recent Bitcoin price depression, hundreds…

Our statement addressing the situation.

What happened?

It has become known today, on Friday, September 1 2017 UTC, that apparently management of Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to delist all Waves tokens from the exchange. Since PING token is based on Waves, that includes PING too. If you open any Waves asset market on Cryptopia, like PING, you will see this message:

WAVES team failed to notify us of two recent WAVES updates (0.7.6 and 0.7.7). Both of these updates resulted in a fork of the network. We have approached WAVES on multiple occasions to ask them to notify us of updates and they…

We respond to recent significant changes to the price of Bitcoin with adjusting the price of subscription to CryptoPing bot service and basing it off USD instead of BTC from now on.

Watching Bitcoin’s recent market movements one can but wonder, will it stop, and if it will, where? Different analysts and experts are suggesting various all-time-high values for BTC before switching to another bearish trend, with most recent predictions ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 USD short-term. All kinds of traders are rejoicing, both holders of BTC and buyers of the dips that have appeared in charts of many other crypto assets.

Daily price/volume chart of Bitcoin to USD on Bitstamp, as seen on at the time of writing this post

PING was created as a currency to pay for different services developed within CryptoPing’s ecosystem, and initially we opted for setting the subscription fee amount to 0.01 BTC/month, while Bitcoin…

Today we begin generating signals for crypto assets listed on HitBTC exchange, and release basic tools to search for signals in users’ dashboards.

Addition of HitBTC exchange to CryptoPing

Following requests from our users, we have added another exchange to our signal generation systems today. This time it’s HitBTC. Why this exchange: we’ve been looking up new exchanges to add for some time already, and HitBTC caught our eye because of the bigger demand for it from our users than for other exchanges, and because of the volumes similar to YoBit pre-Bitcoin Cash. …

Subscribers get early access to the alpha version of “down” signals and more filtering options. All users can now have prices in signals shown in USD. And we have redesigned our website. And set preliminary timeframes on the roadmap.

Happy August, everyone! We have some news, features and thoughts to share with you. Let’s start with the features!

New type of signals: “down” signals

In this round of updates we are introducing a new type of signals: down signals. In short, they are the opposite of the signals that CryptoPing has been sending to you all this time (and they are now called up signals).

Briefly explained difference between up and down signals.

Algorithms that generate down signals are still being calibrated, so we are enabling them as an early access feature for our subscribers.

Down signals are disabled by default. If you would like to turn them on for your profile, navigate…

First post in our brand new official Medium blog about CryptoPing.

Today we’re rolling out price alert functionality for Cryptopia and YoBit exchanges. We already had it enabled for Poloniex and Bittrex, and making it work for other exchanges was truly long overdue.

How price alerts work

By default CryptoPing automatically sends you signals generated by our market monitoring systems, but you can set up your custom price threshold alerts for any crypto asset ticker and the bot will send you custom signals when price is above or below the threshold on any of the exchanges monitored by the bot.

An example of a price alert signal, as seen in Telegram app for OSX.

The timeout between two price alerts on one ticker is set to 1 hour, meaning…


Cryptocurrency signalling service.

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